About Us

Our Process

Research – Analyzing your business’ current digital presence, evaluating your competitors digital presence and your current positioning in the market, and speaking to you about your goals.
Strategy – Creating competitive positioning, brand messaging and voice, and a path to move forward.
Development – Executing the strategy, and building the website, graphics, or copy, and ensuring that all communications are consistent.
Measure – Tracking performance, analyzing traffic, clicks, heatmaps, and conversions, and determining whether changes are needed in order to improve effectiveness.

Our Values


Marketing is about connecting with people – that’s why we take the time to understand you, your business, and your market.


There’s a reason we’re called Fresh. We’re always exploring new technology and innovative ways to reach your market.


We hold ourselves to a high standard, and we know you do too.

How We'll Work Together


No waiting games here. We provide realistic project timelines and when we agree on a deadline, we do not miss it – period.


You’ll never have to wonder what we’re up to when working on your project. We’ll keep you updated each step of the way and let you know how your projects are performing after launch.

No Over Promises

We’ll never make you an unrealistic promise or pitch you services you do not need. Before each project, we’ll be realistic about the results you can expect and the timeline in which to expect them.