Marketing Services

Reinforce your strategy, engage potential customers, and align your brand – at EVERY touchpoint.
A touchpoint is a point of contact or interaction between your business and its customer. This can happen when someone visits your store, visits your website, reads your email, or likes your social media post.
Every touchpoint should deliver a consistent experience in order to reenforce your brand strategy – from messaging to visual graphics.
Are you keeping track of all your touchpoints? Do you know what your business is communicating at each of these touchpoints? Is your message consistent?

Email Marketing

As a direct and personal form of communication, email marketing keeps your business top-of-mind, develops relationships as contact learn more about your business, and generates action.
We can create campaigns that inspire action from promotions, generate excitement about product launches, educate with newsletters, and much more.
With consistent communication comes experimentation to find the most effective campaign. We’ll test subject lines, copy, and graphic content to find the best mix for your brand.
  • Campaign Schedule
  • Email Design
  • Contact List Management
  • List Segmentation (if necessary)
  • Reporting

Google Ads

In order to develop relevant, strategic campaigns, we’ll take the time to understand you, your business, and your target market before any ad budget is spent.
We’ll present our strategies, create your campaigns, and closely monitor your account and campaign performance. Adjustments and improvements will be made to reach your ad’s highest potential.
We’ll stay in touch and check in regularly to make sure your business is seeing a difference and, when ready, work to scale.
  • Month to Month Contracts
  • Client Account Ownership
  • Regular Account Monitoring
  • Campaign Reporting

Social Media

Increase brand awareness, develop relationships with followers, and drive traffic to your website. Our team will help you choose the right platform based on your business goals and target market. Whether you need assistance with organic or paid strategies, we’ll develop copy and creative that is relevant, engaging, and inspires action from your followers.
Currently offering Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn services.
  • Profile Optimization
  • 2-3 Organic Posts per week
  • Engaging with Likes and Follows
  • Paid Advertising
  • Reporting

Account Audits

Have an existing social media account that has room for improvement or simply just isn’t performing? Our team can analyze past organic and paid strategies, determine pain points, and strategize next steps.